‘Legend Of Grimrock’ Is Coming To iPhones, Here’s The First Screenshot

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It’s a strange world, friends. iPads are getting smaller, iPhones are getting bigger, and suddenly this whole idea of having apps work on one but not the other is looking increasingly strange. It’s a particular bummer for RPG-loving iPhone owners, because a lot of fantastic RPGs only release on iPad. In the last year or so, developers have been coming around to the idea that iPhone gamers will buy these games even if the UI ends up being teeny-tiny, so we’re seeing more games that were only on iPad start to go universal. The latest to join the ranks is Almost Human’s excellent dungeon crawler, Legend Of Grimrock ($4.99).

Legend Of Grimrock is a fantastic throwback to PC RPG classics like Dungeon Master and Eye Of The Beholder, while still managing to feel relevant and fun in the modern day. It’s not for nothing that our very own hard-to-please Andrew Fretz gave it a five star rating in his review. It’s an outstanding RPG and I’m extremely happy that more people will get to play it when this update hits. I’ve been informed by the developer that the update should arrive within a few weeks. In the meantime, here’s a screenshot of it running on iPhone from the developer’s Twitter feed to whet your appetite.

Legend of Grimrock iPhone

All in all, they seem to have done a good job fitting the game’s UI onto the more rectangular dimensions of the iPhone. I’m sure some of the buttons might be a little small for those on 4-inch or smaller screens, but we’ve certainly managed with smaller before. It’s well worth it to enjoy a game of this quality on something that fits into a normal pocket. Let’s hope that universal update comes soon!

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