Justin Smith of Captain Games, Creator of ‘Enviro-Bear 2010’ and ‘Desert Golfing’ on the Importance of Supporting TouchArcade

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Pulling out all the stops, The TouchArcade Patreon just crossed 450 supporters and is closing in on the finish line. We just need another tiny boost to get us over the edge, and with the incredible support we’ve gotten so far I feel like hitting our goal isn’t a matter of if but a matter of when. Yesterday we fist pounded with Alex Okafor of One Man Left who shared how important TouchArcade was to his tiny studio, and today, we’re going even smaller and (potentially) more obscure in hearing from Justin Smith. You probably know him as the maniac behind Enviro-Bear 2010 ($1.99) and the game which seemingly took over every indie dev’s life that I know, Desert Golfing ($1.99) among others.

Anyway, here’s Justin-

Hello readers, my name is Justin Smith. I am the creator of Enviro-Bear 2010 and many other silly games. The TouchArcade forums were the town hall of crazytown that started the Enviro-Bear phenomenon. It takes a festering hotbed of weirdness to create a viral sensation and TouchArcade did that for my game. They even created a genre category just for Enviro-Bear. How innovative is that? Very innovative.

Without TouchArcade, I might be unemployed, washing dishes, or worse: working in the industry. TA was the butterfly in Africa flapping its wings that caused the ripple of air which set me in motion and gave me the motivation to make more games. Keep TouchArcade alive! No, not just alive, but as a kick ass palace of worship for the Second Era of mobile video games.

With all this talk of butterflies flapping their wings, this seems like the perfect opportunity to post the trailer for The Butterfly Effect which might really hammer home what it is that Justin is talking about here:

Basically, imagine TouchArcade as Kayleigh and developers/readers/fans of TouchArcade as Evan (Ashton Kutcher). Instead of going back in time and messing about with things, you can just support our Patreon instead. If you’re thinking, “Wait, that doesn’t make much sense," well, neither did Enviro-Bear 2010 and we saw how that turned out. (It turned out awesome.) So, yeah…

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