‘Doctor Who: Legacy’ Version 3.0 is Coming, with Way More ‘Doctor Who’ Stuff for Series 9 – Oh and We’ve Got a Code for Free Doctor Unlocks

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Doctor Who: Legacy (Free) is one of those games that just keeps on trucking with regular new bunches of story content and updates. The game is going to be getting a big new version 3.0 update in August, and it’s going to bring new weekly content updates alongside Season 9 of the show. But the big original content of 3.0 will be the “Sonic Adventures" story arc, not to be confused with Sonic Adventure, the Sega game that was good but the beginning of the end for the Sonic series. But the “Sonic Adventures" arc in this game will have the First Doctor and a number of companions partnering with him to collect a number of famous gadgets from the long-running series. The Third Doctor’s companion, Jo Grant, will be making her debut in this game, too.

Another big addition will be a new Kids section, inspired by the “Anna’s Playground" levels added earlier. And new content is being created in conjunction with the BBC Doctor Who brand team to make sure the game gets all the content tied in properly to the show. There’s obviously going to be lots to expect from this game if you like it…or if you’re a big fan of the franchise, because the fan service is over 9000.

…And one more thing for the Doctor Who superfans out there. Claim this code in game to unlock the 12th and 1st Doctor for free: 2532-9595-4557-4853 The code should be good until the 20th, so go, go, go!

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