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Let’s kick off today’s TouchArcade Patreon update with some awesome news: We’re above 400 individual patrons supporting the site, and we’re just a few bucks shy of $6,000- Over half way to our goal in less than two weeks. You guys are amazing, and this level of grassroots support from our community is only motivating us to kick even more proverbial ass in the world of iOS gaming.

Yesterday we heard from Noah Bordner of Mika Mobile, who expanded on how our forum’s interest in Zombieville USA ($0.99) kicked off the rest of Mika Mobile’s titles. This post also had the side effect of mentioning Battleheart Legacy ($4.99), which reminded me I still have the game on my iPad …which I spent a silly amount of time playing last night.

Today, we’re hearing from Rami Ismail of Vlambeer. If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll see the insane amounts he travels to speak about video games at conferences which hilariously enough necessitates the web site He’s the developer and business guy behind Super Crate Box (Free), Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99) and more.

I’m Rami Ismail, one half of Dutch independent studio Vlambeer. We’re best known for titles like LUFTRAUSERS and Nuclear Throne, and our mobile titles Super Crate Box and Apple Design Award and Game of the Year winner Ridiculous Fishing.

Vlambeer had had considerable success when another game studio ‘cloned’ our idea for an explosive fishing game, and basically brought the entire studio to a standstill. We decided to bring our debut title Super Crate Box over to mobile, and TouchArcade was one of the first major websites focused on mobile to cover it. We discovered the forums and the community, and Apple discovered the game itself. We had an amazing launch.

TouchArcade is and continues to be one of the best ways for developers to get in touch with people that care about games on mobile, and without the site, the crew and the community, we would’ve never reached the audience that would go on to love Super Crate Box, and later Ridiculous Fishing. Without the launch of Super Crate Box iOS, we wouldn’t even have had the money we needed to finish Ridiculous Fishing.

It’s kind of wild how the chain of events go together between Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing. It’s pretty awesome to have played a role in such a great game getting completed, and hopefully we’re able to keep stories like this flowing for a very long time in the future. If you appreciate us enabling iOS gaming to continue to be as rad as it has been over the years…

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