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Beamdog Officially Revealing its New ‘Baldur’s Gate’ Game in Ten Days

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We’ve known for some time now that Beamdog plans to make a new Baldur ‘s Gate ($9.99) game to complement its enhanced editions of the venerable Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2. Now, the company has put a timer up on its website that sets a date for the great reveal. Actually, I find it funny that the company has a blurred image on its site (by the way, can you guess what it shows?) but a lovely #BaldursGate twitter handle below it; it spoils the fun, in a way. Still, I have a pretty strong hunch that the news will excite any gamer who enjoys RPGs even a bit. The new Baldur’s Gate will use the Infinity Engine and will bridge the gap between BG: Enhanced Edition and BG2: Enhanced Edition.

Despite the many, and understandable, bugs, Beamdog’s Enhanced Editions of BG, BG2, and Icewind Dale delivered what the company promised and brought the classics back to life and back to modern devices. The previous Enhanced Editions came to the iOS, so I expect the new game to come too since the company is using the same engine as the previous games. I personally can’t wait for another great (hopefully) RPG, especially with the rumored iPad Pro coming our way which will make traversing those complex worlds even more entertaining. The game should come to the PC before the end of 2015, but we’ll know more about it in 10 days, 12 hours, 9 minutes, and 12, no, 11 seconds.

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