‘WWE 2K’, ‘XCOM’, ‘Bioshock’, And Other 2K Games Go On Sale

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While the quality of the results have been somewhat arguable, no one can deny that 2K has been throwing their weight behind premium, paid games on the App Store. While everyone and their uncle has been shifting towards free to play, 2K’s schedule over the last couple of years has included ports of games like XCOM and Bioshock, premium-priced strategy games from Sid Meier, and “new" versions of their sports franchises, among others. Yes, there have been missteps along the way, but if you want to reward a company for avoiding the F2P candy, you could do a lot worse than throwing a few bucks 2K’s way. Heck, depending on what you want, it might only take a few bucks, because many of 2K’s recent offerings are on sale starting today. The complete list is as follows, with links to our reviews where applicable:

While most of these games have been on sale before, WWE 2K is on sale for the very first time. Though we didn’t officially review that game, we did give it Game Of The Week when it released, with a nice accompanying write-up by Jared. As for the rest, all of the prices at least match the lowest price they’ve ever sold for, so you’re getting a good deal either way. My picks from that list would be Bioshock and XCOM, but given the variety of genres on display, it really depends on the kinds of games you like. What are you going to grab, friends?

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