‘The World Ends With You: Solo Remix’ Has Been Fixed for iOS 8

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The game that no one was sure would live or die has been fixed. The World Ends With You Solo Remix ($17.99) has just gotten an update for both its iPhone and iPad versions to make it compatible with iOS 8. The updates are rolling out right now. After months of uncertainty over whether Square Enix was fixing the game, not helped by Square Enix not even knowing what was going on, the game has gotten its fix.

This joins Ghost Trick (Free) as another game that’s gotten a big iOS 8 fix in recent weeks. It’s always great to see games get fixed for later versions, even slightly older titles. Especially since this was a very high-priced game for iOS, it’s good on Square Enix to fix it, even if there was the possibility that the original development team was long, long gone. Now we just have to hope that iOS 9 doesn’t break it again, right?!

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