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Our Patreon seems to continue to perform admirably since we launched it on Monday. As of this writing, we’re a few patrons away from 300 people being involved, and just a few hundred bucks shy of being half way to our goal… In two and a half days! The Guardian and Cult of Mac even picked up on it. We’re just speechless by the level of support we’ve seen from our community, and being one big happy family here we’re continuing our series of developer profiles, highlighting how their lives have been impacted by TouchArcade.

Yesterday we heard from Kepa Auwae from Rocketcat Games on how with the help of TouchArcade, he snowballed Hook Champ (Free) into a successful game studio which has since gone on to release many rad games. Today we hear from Orian Livnat of Liv Games who make a series of games you can grab in a bundle on iTunes for $1.99. Here’s the trailer for their most recent release, Stellar Wars ($0.99):

Anyway, I’ll let Orian get to it:

This is Orian from Liv Games. We’ve been avid readers of TouchArcade since we began developing mobile games in 2009. They’ve covered our entire Legendary Wars series of games and always gave us positive reviews and honest feedback.

We originally unveiled Legendary Wars ($0.99) on the TA forums in Summer of 2010. At Macworld 2011, Jared walked by our little indie booth and introduced himself. We showed him Legendary Wars, and he immediately texted Eli and said you have to download this. A couple days later we got an awesome review that really helped Legendary Wars get exposure. We were featured six times by Apple after that and we used Touch Arcade for all announcements for our new games in the series: Monster Wars ($0.99) and Stellar Wars ($0.99). It’s no coincidence each game got a nice Apple feature directly after a TouchArcade news story!

If TouchArcade wasn’t around, I think a lot of people would have missed great games, including our own. I know we may have not had the fan base and success we did without the fantastic coverage and reviews from TouchArcade. No coverage or feature from Apple would have meant I’d still would have worked and EB Games, and probably never got married to my beautiful wife. Thank the heavens for TouchArcade, without you we would all be lost like an undiscovered gem of an app in a sea of App Store game clones.

As mentioned before, our Patreon is going great so far, but we’ve still got a long way to go. If you love TouchArcade, please consider pledging even a dollar worth of support so we can keep the lights on around here. If you can’t afford to, or don’t want to get involved in the whole Patreon thing, that’s cool too. You can help us for free by just raising awareness of the campaign by telling your friends and getting the word out on social media.

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