New iPhone Games Coming Tonight (or Out Right Now?) – ‘Fort Meow’, ‘SBK15’, ‘Sonic Runners’, ‘Spike Dislike 3’ and More

The mysterious App Store new game Stargate has been really strange lately, more strange than usual, which is really saying something. Said wormhole seems to have just opened up this morning, and dumped a ton of new games on the App Store. Most of these are available worldwide, or at least accessible on iTunes outside of the regions they usually are at this time of day. Did the stars align and a bunch of developers just decided to not do the staggered release thing? Did Apple change something on the App Store to make that not happen anymore? Is this just standard deviation in the App Store’s high weirdness levels? Will someone proclaim this a weak week in the comments? I wish I had the answer to anyone of these questions.

Well, aside from the weak week thing, you can always bet on that.

Anyway, here’s a listing of games with active threads on our forums as of the time I posted this:

Stay tuned for our full roundup at 11:00 PM Eastern when all these games usually come out. Oh, and there will be some surprises tonight, there’s at least one super secret big-name premium game coming that I know of.