Abstract Art Game ‘Last Voyage’ Doubles Its Content in Latest Update

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I reviewed the fascinating Last Voyage ($4.99) by Semidome back in April, and the developer has just decided to double the number of chapters in this abstract game. It’s still something that defies any sort of genre classification, as it goes through multiple genres, and this update introduces a number of new game mechanics, like tilt-based puzzles to try and solve, or even to just sit back and experience. The whole thing still doesn’t make much sense, but it’s still really pretty. And hey, there’s new music, checkpoints, and achievements to get.

Getting twice the content for a dollar is quite the welcome proposition; it’s still a really fascinating and gorgeous game, and now you have twice as much of it to check out. The update just rolled out today, and you can play the new chapters right off the bat, so if you deleted the game, don’t hesitate to reinstall it, you don’t have to play through the game again just to see the new stuff.

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