‘Bowling Central’ Adds Apple Watch Motion Controls

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Indian studio Rolocule, who are known for their motion-based games, released Dead Among Us (Free) to the App Store this month, but they’re hard at work on updating Bowling Central (Free), to version 2.0. Along with a free price, there’s a cool new feature: Apple Watch support. If you have a watch, you’ll be able to use it to play the game by swinging your arm like you’re actually bowling a ball once you get updated to the new watchOS 2 (or right now if you’re brave enough to run the beta). This works both with running the game on the device, or beaming the game to an Apple TV.

Rolocule has also added a local multiplayer mode to Bowling Central, allowing you to play with multiple local players when playing via AirPlay. 45 new challenges have been added, and the game is now free-to-play. If you have an Apple Watch and an Apple TV, this might just be an interesting enough download to check out, and a clever use of the Apple Watch.

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