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Limbic and Flaregames Announce ‘Zombie Gunship, Inc.’

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about a new, full-fledged Zombie Gunship (Free) game. We’ve had Zombie Gunship Arcade (Free) and Zombie Gunship Reality, designed for those Google Project Tango Android devices, but no mainline Zombie Gunship sequel. Until now: Limbic is teaming up with publisher Flaregames to make a new title in the series, called Zombie Gunship, Inc.

Zombie Gunship Inc

Normally, executive quotes from press releases don’t contain much content, but here, they contain some juicy details about what to expect. Arash Keshmirian of Limbic says about Flaregames that “they have a wealth of knowledge in building large-scale server-based online mobile free-to-play games, and have the organizational strength to help us succeed on such an ambitious project." Well, hmm! They’ve also hired Eric Froemling, a visual effects animator who used to work at Pixar, and Limbic is trying to bring in more talent to work on the game. No release date has been announced for Zombie Gunship, Inc. but a huge-scale, visually-impressive game? I’m interested, for sure.