‘Democracy 3’ Has Just Ported All its DLCs to iOS and is Currently Only $0.99

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When I played Democracy 3 ($4.99), the game about running (and/or ruining) a country, I quite enjoyed it because it let me see whether my political beliefs would translate to a happy country (they didn’t) or whether they would get me assassinated (they did). Now, Positech Games has added more ways to mess with a country by porting the PC version’s three DLCs to iOS. “Social Engineering" adds new dilemmas and policies and enables subtler ways to tamper with the voting public than the base game. You can now run TV ad campaigns or go with any of the other 25 new policies that the DLC offers.

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“Extremism," as the title hints at, pushes policies further to the extremes of the political spectrum. You can outright ban divorces or close all airports to save the environment. This one makes the game less “realistic" but so much more fun. The last one, “Clones & Drones," puts you in charge of a country in the 2020s and tries to simulate the possible challenges such a future will have. Among other policies, you get to decide if human cloning is a thing your country should support or whether to use drones for domestic issues. These three DLCs definitely spice up the original game and definitely make Democracy 3 an even more fun game. Each DLC costs $4.99, and you can buy them all right now. In addition to the new DLCs, the base game is down to $0.99 currently, which is almost too cheap for such a good game. So, go rule and see if you were meant to be a politician.

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