Developer Tweaks iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture Function to Run ‘Doom’ in PIP Window

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Remember the guy who made Canabalt ($2.99) run on the Apple Watch? Well, Adam Bell has hacked together a demo of Doom ($4.99) running on an iPad in picture-in-picture mode, with the game playing in the PIP window. And apparently he did it through just public APIs, so pretty much the only thing stopping something like this is Apple approvals:

This is really cool, though I don’t expect to see this sort of thing on the App Store. There is of course the question of interaction, as Bell only got the demonstration mode of Doom running. Playing it would be another issue altogether. The picture-in-picture APIs might only work on the iPad Air 2 as well, so only a select portion of iOS users could take advantage of something like this anyway. But regardless, I’m impressed by seeing the capabilities of hardware and developer tools getting stretched beyond their original intentions like this.

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