You Must Build a Boat… in ‘Minecraft PE’, Here’s How

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Minecraft PE ($6.99) added quite a few cool new features with its latest Version 0.11.0 update. While we’ve discussed at length one of the cooler features in its custom skins, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the other significant additions. Indeed, while they seem relatively small, the ability to build a boat (as well as a fishing rod) are important additions that have the potential to significantly change the way you explore your world. In case you aren’t savvy to the latest nautical additions, we’re here to give you the info needed to check them out in game.

In terms of what you actually need to build a boat, this is one of the simpler items in the game. In fact, all you need is a bunch of wood. From there you can break down the wood into planks, build the requisite Crafting Table, create a Wooden Shovel, and then use the shovel along with more planks to create the boat. It doesn’t matter what type of plank used — all of them will can go towards a boat.


So now that you’ve created a boat with (hopefully) ease, how do you pilot it? Well, entering the boat puts two movement controls on the screen (one for each paddle). Tapping on only one turns the boat in that way while holding both down moves the boat forward. To move faster, rapidly tap on both sides of the boat. Other unique aspects of the boat in Minecraft PE is you can have two riders within one boat and the boat will not break when it hits land (it will instead just stop).


The other significant addition in Version 0.11.0 is the fishing rod. To make that you need three sticks as well as two pieces of string. Once you’ve made a fishing rod, fishing is as easy as equipping it, heading towards a body of water and tapping the fish button. You’ll throw out the rod and all you have to do is watch the bobber within the water. Eventually you’ll see small splashes near the bobber which indicate a fish bite is coming soon. When the bobber dips beneath the surface (accompanied with a loud splash), tap on the Fish button again to reel it in. If you’re successful, whatever you’ve fished out will fly towards you for collection.


In case you’ve missed it, feel free to check out our recent posts highlighting the rest of the 0.11.0 update. Meanwhile, stick with us as we report on the latest Minecraft PE news.

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