Likely Fake “Nintendo XDS” New Handheld System Reveal Video Circulates Pre-E3

You know what the best part of E3 is? anything could be true. There’s so many examples of things being “leaked" that seem totally ridiculous that have turned out to be later revealed inside of E3 presentations it’s hard to pick a favorite. Anyway, since we’re a day away from Nintendo’s E3 press conference, it seemed like a good time to post this very likely fake video of the “Nintendo XDS" that’s been floating around this morning:

What stinks with all the fake Nintendo videos is the stuff fans come up with is almost always cooler than what Nintendo actually reveals. When I showed this to Jared and asked if he thought we should post it, his thoughts were the same as mine: “What sucks is, I actually want that." So, yeah. I’d maybe believe it more if it was a “reveal" of the Nintendo NX which is Nintendo’s alleged Android-based thing they’re working on, but, who knows.

But, how crazy would it be if something like this does get revealed? Either way, I recommend following along with Nintendo’s press conference which is being streamed on Twitch at 9 AM Pacific tomorrow morning.