‘Fallout Shelter’, the ‘Fallout’-themed Vault Building Mobile Game, is Now Available

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Bethesda has just wrapped up their pre-E3 media event, and as promised, their just-announced mobile game Fallout Shelter (Free) is now available for download. It’s quite refreshing to see a game developer announce something and then release it so quickly afterwards, rather than waiting around for weeks or months for it to drop. Fallout Shelter lets your build your very own vault, create weapons and armor using the vast amount of crazy items in the Fallout universe. Remember all the weird stuff you would find while exploring Fallout 3? Now all that stuff actually has a purpose!

Bethesda’s Todd Howard likened Fallout Shelter to “Little Computer People meets Progress Quest plus Fallout." Sounds pretty cool! They also mention that they’ve been wanting to make a real iPhone game ever since the iPhone was first released all those years ago, and they say that they’ve made a game that they actually want to play themselves rather than worrying about the best way to make money with it. It makes sense too, as this is basically just a really cool advertisement for Fallout 4, so making money is likely a secondary goal to just making people aware and excited for the full game.

As is the case with the App Store sometimes, the link may not quite be live for everyone just yet. So, if you’re having trouble just keep trying and I’ll be doing the same, and we can all experience Fallout Shelter together as we wait for Fallout 4 and the PIPBoy app to launch on November 10th.

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