Capcom Updates the Long-Gone ‘Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’ with iOS 8 Support

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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (Free) was once released on iOS, but once it stopped working on iOS 8, it made like a ghost and disappeared. This perhaps was appropriate for a game that’s about a ghost. Or perhaps a more appropriate metaphor would be if the game was pulled, then updated to support iOS 8. Like a game coming back to life like a ghost, I guess? Whatever the clumsy ghost metaphor you choose to apply, Ghost Trick is officially back on the App Store, with 4 simple words:

It corresponded to iOS8.

So yeah, if you haven’t checked out this iOS port of this nifty adventure game originally released on the DS, then now you have the chance. The first part of the game is free, and the rest can be had through IAP. And now if you have an iOS 8 device, you can play it for yourself. This should also give us hope that other games may make a comeback – you paying attention, Square Enix?

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