‘Monument Valley’ is the Starbucks Free App of the Week

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If you’ve wanted to play Monument Valley ($3.99) but have been somehow too cheap to actually play one of the most gorgeous iOS games yet, well, I have good news if you’re willing to travel: it’s the free app of the week at Starbucks, as discovered by an intrepid internet user and confirmed by mills of ustwo:

So yeah, if you’re in North America and still don’t own this, now’s not a bad time to pick it up. Of course, you might wind up spending more on your drink than you would for the game, but you could always just wander in and pick it up. I’m not here to judge. And if you don’t want to leave your house for free games, there were a few other good ones revealed on the same day. Or maybe go to Starbucks and download those freebies off of their wifi. Your Starbucks may not have the cards out yet, but do be sure to check back. The “Forgotten Shores" expansion will still cost you, of course. Not that you have a problem with that, right?

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