Anyone Can Install Emulators on the iPhone in iOS 9?

So, one of the interesting things to come from the WWDC announcements that Apple’s doing now is that you don’t need an Apple developer program membership to run apps on your own device with the Xcode 7 beta. As such, questions started to arise: could you now run emulators without needing a $99 yearly subscription to Apple’s developer services? Or otherwise having to jailbreak, register your UDID with a third-party service, or hope for another one to sneak on to the App Store? It looks like the answer to that question is yes, as one developer has sideloaded GBA4iOS on to his iOS device using Xcode 7.


This isn’t going to be the neatest and cleanest solution – you’ll still have to get the source code for an app and to compile it yourself, but hey – emulators without Apple being able to stop you! There’s just enough complexity here, and it won’t necessarily allow for piracy, so hey – get excited if you love to play classic games. Just hope for more open-source emulators.

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