LEGO Angry Birds Toys Are Coming Next Year with The Angry Birds Movie

Rovio’s making The Angry Birds Movie next year, and what would be a perfect tie-in to the movie? Why, LEGO toys! And that’s just what’s happening in spring 2016: LEGO Angry Birds toys are coming. Details beyond that are really limited, we don’t know what they’ll involve, but I personally am excited for the potential of building big pig-destroying setups made of LEGO bricks and launching birds at them, because why not. Of course, we should just ignore that K’nex was making Angry Birds toys not long ago, right? Guess that licensing deal has expired.

What would make this licensing deal between Rovio and LEGO perfect would be if they made a LEGO Angry Birds game. A tie-in game to a movie based on a game? The serpent hasn’t eaten its tail in that regard since Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game. Okay, since that was a disaster, maybe let’s not get that.