‘Hearthstone’ is Teasing a New Mode (?)

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Blizzard seems to be a on a roll lately. Barely a few days after announcing Hearthstone‘s (Free) new cosmetic Heroes, a GIF on Facebook and Twitter has got the Hearthstone world abuzz. The GIF shows the fourth slot on the Main Screen, which has been empty ever since the game released, flip around to reveal a blank slot. The caption writes “Huh, that’s new!" And, of course, the internet has been trying to guess Blizzard’s plans since the teaser came out. Some are poking fun at Blizzard and claim the company is just giving players another slot, since many have been asking for more deck slots. Others, more hopeful, are claiming that Blizzard will finally give players a Tournament mode. I wonder whether Blizzard planned this teaser to come right after the announcement last week to silence the rage created by the addition of purely-cosmetic heroes to the game. I think Blizzard will reveal its new feature by the end of the week, so stay tuned.

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