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‘This War of Mine’ Coming to iOS and Android in July, New Interactive Trailer Released

twomlogoIn March of last year, Anomaly developer 11-bit Studios announced This War of Mine, a game about war from the perspective of the civilians who are caught up in the middle. It appeared to be an extremely somber but refreshing look at war, which in the world of video games is more often than not glorified as a no consequences shooting gallery for the player. Last November, This War of Mine launched on desktop to critical acclaim. The game has always been intended for mobile platforms as well, and we even went hands-on with an iPad version during GDC this year. This week 11-bit has announced that the mobile version of This War of Mine is on track for release next month, and they’ve released a nifty new interactive trailer that gives you a brief snippet of what sort of tough decisions you’ll be needing to make in the game, along with the consequences.

I haven’t dove into the desktop version of This War of Mine yet, mostly because I’m holding out for the iPad version. I’m stoked that it’s finally arriving, as even from my brief experiences with the game so far I can see how special this one is going to be, and I think it’ll feel especially at home on a tablet. Look for This War of Mine on iOS and Android next month.