Best iPhone and iPad Games – 6/5/15 – ‘You Must Build a Boat’, ‘Vietnam ’65’ and ‘Sproggiwood’

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There were a lot of great games this week, but if you’re not already well on your way of building a boat… What in the world are you doing? You must build a boat. You don’t maybe need to build a boat, or could build a boat if you felt like it. No, you must build a boat, right now. Oh, and there’s some other games you should be playing too, but not until you’ve built your boat- Or at least gotten a good start.

You Must Build A Boat, $2.99 [Review] – o tell you the truth, friends, I’m actually pretty busy working on something today. That said, I was asked to come and write something for all of you about the new follow-up to Luca Redwood’s 10000000 ($2.99). It’s called You Must Build A Boat ($2.99), and it’s every bit as compelling as the first game. Did you like the first game? Do you enjoy puzzle games? Do you like games? You’re going to want this one, trust me.

Vietnam...'65, $9.99 [Review] – It’s hard to find a word that evokes as many connotations of hell, destruction, anger, and failure as the word “Vietnam" does for the collective American psyche. The Vietnam War was a war like no other – and that includes the current conflicts. For Americans, sending over soldiers to fight in Vietnam was like sending them off to fight on Mars, such were the differences in the way each country was imagined and represented. In terms of warfare, Vietnam demanded that the U.S. army depart from its WWII tactics of fighting across wide European fronts against a similarly-organized fighting machine; instead, it forced American troops to fight a counter-insurgency (COIN) war, the kind of war that Every Single Soldier‘s (ESS) Vietnam ’65 ($9.99) attempts to creatively depict on your tablets. The turn-based strategy game, published by Slitherine, depicts warfare differently than most other wargames, putting emphasis on logistics and winning “hearts and minds," rather than on large scale tactics, and doing so brilliantly. I was very interested in Vietnam ’65 when it came out a couple of months back. However, before I had to chance to get to it, the developer announced that he was working on some important improvements, so I decided to wait until the game was updated, which it was a few days ago.

Sproggiwood, $4.99 [Review] – It’s official, everyone: I’m nearly out of clever or interesting introductory paragraphs for roguelikes. So let’s just just get down to the business of why you should consider a spot in your likely crowded roguelike folder for Sproggiwood ($4.99). Hm, it feels like when I typed that name, all of the Aussies in the back of the room started snickering. Oh well. Sproggiwood tells the story of a mischievous little fellow named Sproggi, a guardian spirit who watches over a realm that is apparently doomed to destruction. Wishing to avoid that outcome, Sproggi does a little time manipulation to sucker a group of people called the Clogheads into helping out. The first of these is a humble farmer who Sproggi immediately tasks with taking out a dangerous boss jelly in a nearby forest. Sproggi warns you he’s a bit of a silver tongue, so you’ll need to mind that.

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