Classic PC Game ‘Terminal Velocity’ Gets Surprise iOS Version

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Oh hey, here’s a cool little surprise. Classic PC game Terminal Velocity ($2.99) has – as you can tell by that little price tag there – been ported to iOS. The port was done by Mark Randel, co-founder of Terminal Reality, the game’s original developer. The studio closed down in 2013, but Randel ported the game to mobile and released it this week without anyone picking it up until some folks connected to the game started sharing it on Thursday afternoon.

The game is pretty well regarded to still get some attention after all this time, what with the game celebrating its 20th anniversary. The fog has been removed, there’s controller support, 60 frames per second gameplay, and all the retro 3D fly-around-and-shoot-stuff action you can handle. Fans of the game can now play it whenever, wherever, and a new generation can check it out while on the toilet. My, what a world we live in. Might be worth hopping in the forums to chat about this classic with other folks.

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