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‘Divide by Sheep’ is Releasing in July, Hide Your Sheep!

Have you heard about Divide by Sheep by tinyBuild Games, and have wanted to check out its deadly sheep arithmetic for yourself? Well, good news – the game is dropping on July 2nd for both iOS and Steam. The game has been in the works for a while now: I saw it back at PAX South, our forum members have beta-tested it, and various trailers have been released. Now, the game is nearing the home stretch, and the public at large will get to do math puzzles by slicing and combining sheep for themselves.

The game’s production values help elevate what otherwise could be a generic math puzzler, but I’ve had fun with this game whenever I’ve gotten to play it. It’s a clever game, and it’s just kind of fun to play around with the sheep as yous end them off with the grim reaper. No word on pricing just yet for this one, but with it being a Steam game as well, I’d expect something premium. I expect this one probably won’t meet to the approval of indie developer and sheep enthusiast Quantum Sheep, though.