Friendly Reminder: ‘Portal Pinball’ is Now Available and it Comes with Free Cake!

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Earlier this month Zen Studios and Valve announced a partnership that was to bring a Portal-themed pinball table to the multitude of digital platforms where Zen’s pinball games are available. And that includes iOS! It arrived a wee bit later than the normal weekly releases, so just consider this a friendly reminder that both a standalone version of Portal Pinball ($1.99) and a downloadable version in the Zen Pinball (Free) app are now available. Best of all, if you act now, either version comes with free cake!

Ok ok, so the cake is… well, you know by now. But the promise of free cake should not be your sole motivation for checking out Portal Pinball. I’m a huge fan of the Portal series and Portal Pinball serves up a heaping pile of fan service. I’ve only spent the briefest of moments with it so far, but already I’m quite satisfied as the sights and sounds of Portal pour out from every inch of this new table. Both the standalone and the in-app download of Portal Pinball will run you $1.99, so check ’em out!

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