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Colorful Music Puzzler ‘har•mo•ny 3’ Releases This June

BorderLeap’s har•mo•ny series has been kicking around for a while, with a couple of well-received entries, and har•mo•ny 2 ($3.99) in particular was the beneficiary of regular featuring by Apple. Now, BorderLeap’s got a third game in the series in the works, appropriately titled har•mo•ny 3. The game is promising more vibrant colors and beautiful music, as you try to move color blocks around to reassemble the color pallete properly. Hammock, the artist behind the games’ soundtracks, has 6 unreleased songs that will be appearing in har•mo•ny 3.

BorderLeap is promising 90 “super-hard" levels, and a June release date for this atmospheric puzzler. The first couple of games were quite solid, this should deliver more fun, color-and-music-centric puzzling when it releases this June. There’s a forum thread for the game if you’re interested in discussing more about this with the developers.