Nitrome’s ‘Magic Touch – Wizard for Hire’ Gets New Wizards in Latest Update

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Do you like Nitrome’s Magic Touch – Wizard for Hire (Free)? However, do you wish that the game let you play as wizards besides that one default wizard dude? He’s alright, but what about a magical owl? That’d be cool! Well, good news: Magic Touch‘s latest update adds in ten new wizards for you to unlock with your hard-earned coins, including an aforementioned magical owl. Some of them are technically witches, warlocks, and other wizard-adjacent magical figures, but whatever, they count! Check out the trailer with the new stuff below:

The game has been successful, with over 5 million downloads, so hopefully more stuff is coming to this magical high score game at some point. Nitrome’s got a brand-new game that’s being submitted quite soon too, the previously-announced Green Ninja, so you’ll have another new game with their distinct pixel art style to enjoy soon enough. It’ll be interesting to see just how that one turns out – their free stuff seems to be doing okay, and they have some solid cross-promotion going on between those apps, so who knows. Regardless, I am intrigued!

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