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Goofy Space Simulator ‘Cosmonautica’ Launches on Mobile in June

Indie developer Chasing Carrots has had their game Cosmonautica in development for a while now, with the game being out in Early Access on Steam since last September. This space simulation is finally nearing completion, and with it will come a mobile release. While the desktop version will cost $14.99 upon release, you’ll be able to pick up the mobile version of this space simulator for about $6.99.

Cosmonautca has you managing a spaceship, keeping your crew in order, fighting enemy ships, doing space trades, and more. The game has a humorous bent to it, with eccentric characters and wacky ships to commandeer. If you’re playing the game on desktop as well, you’ll be able to take advantage of cloud-based saving to transfer your progress between versions of the game. Hey, that’s a feature I welcome support for, and I’m glad to see games like this and Desktop Dungeons creating methods to do this. Expect Cosmonautica‘s full release for desktop and mobile in late June.