Game Oven Cites Half Baked Time Management as Primary Reason the Studio is Now Toast

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The developers of Fingle($1.99), Bam Fu(Free), and Jelly Reef($0.99) are hanging up their chef hats. In a recent announcement Game Oven has given a painstakingly precise breakdown of the ins and outs of their business and why things have not worked out to let them stay open.

Struggle: undefined roles
The biggest struggle we faced resulted from never strictly defining our roles. Bojan didn’t want to narrowly define our roles as he wanted to have a say in business and marketing and design as well, on top of being the technical lead – having a say in all aspects of running a game studio was why he wanted to be a founder in the first place. It’s very reasonable, but unfortunately resulted in a few pretty bad scenarios.

Contrary to many recent studio closings, Game Oven has cited time management and lack of defined roles as the primary cause of their demise. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing their blog post in future news articles as they developed for both iOS and Android, and the amount of data they have on sales and piracy is amazing. They really seem to have held nothing back from the public eye, there is a ton of info worth sifting through on their blog.

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