Foursaken Media’s ‘Block Fortress’ Gets Updated with a Ton of New Stuff

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Foursaken Media just finished Heroes and Castles 2 ($1.99), but they’ve already went and updated one of their earlier games, Block Fortress ($1.99), with new content. The big new mode? A PvP arena mode, where you can fight in up to four-player battles on custom maps. New equipment is in the game, such as shrink rays, jetpacks, and zip-line blocks. A new third-person camera has been added, too, check it out:

Block Fortress Update

There’s all sorts of other small improvements too. Jumping and crouching is available. Character and enemy models have been improved, as have the sky, clouds, and similar objects. iPhone 6/Plus optimization has been added, with bugs and performance optimizations also inbound. If you’re playing the game already, there’s a lot of new and improved stuff to check out. If you haven’t, then you’ve got a bigger and better game than ever to play. Enjoy!

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