Huge ‘Midnight Star’ 1.1 Update Has Arrived, Decreases F2P Shenanigans and Adds a Ton of Features

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As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the developers of Midnight Star (Free) were planning a hefty update, and that update has just hit the App Store with a thump. Update 1.1 is the biggest update of the game so far and addresses some important issues as well as adds several new features that will change the way you play the game.

The major change in this update addresses the main issue we had with the game when we reviewed it, it’s energy system. Midnight Star is F2P, and while there’s nothing wrong with that per se, we felt that the constant need to wait for your weapons’ and items’ energy to replenish between each fight held us back from enjoying the game to the degree we wanted to. The developers have kept an ear close to the ground and have moved swiftly to fix the energy issue. As a result, they completely removed the energy system from weapons, shields, and hypers, so nothing can stand in the way of you and your potential as a killing machine. The update also smoothes out the new player experience as the various rooms (armory, engineering, and science lab) aren’t gated by player level anymore, which means you can go straight into upgrading your various weapons and armors without having to wait until you level up. Also, and this was a pet peeve of mine, you don’t get tech points and catalyst pickups from destroying the environment anymore but, rather, as drops from fallen enemies. This makes the gameplay much more cohesive because I didn’t enjoy going from shooting at moving enemies to shooting at various stationary objects just to get some extra resources.

In addition to the gameplay fixes, the update also adds new weapons and items, new weapon styles (you can finally make your weapons as tacky as possible), video replays, and the multiplayer updates we mentioned a few weeks ago. These are only some of the features and fixes in this huge update (you can read all the details here). I have a feeling that the 1.1 update makes the game much more fun to play (and the game was fun to begin with).

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