Blizzard is Teasing a ‘Hearthstone’ Pirates Vs Ninjas Update, or is it?

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Sometimes, all it takes for the collective internet mind to start spinning its wheels at max speed is the simple case of a photo change, and that’s exactly what happened when Blizzard switched out its Hearthstone Facebook Cover Photo today to the image you see below. And just like that, reddit went all Sherlock Holmes and started wondering whether this image is teasing Hearthstone‘s (Free) next expansion. Although some might say that making too much of this image is just another Monday on reddit, if you take a closer look at the image, you’ll also be at least suspicious of this move by Blizzard; the image is filled with flying Hearthstone cards, all of them conveniently facing away from the viewer. So, I think that this is an actual teaser, and I’m getting increasingly excited for what’s to come.


So, what’s the image hinting at? First of all, there’s a ninja in the middle of the image, which is an interesting “coincidence" if we bear in mind that the card back for Arena’s current season is the Ninja one. Next to the ninja is a pirate, so, Pirates Vs Ninjas? There are definitely many underused pirate-themed cards in Hearthstone, so such an expansion would make sense, especially if Blizzard continues the theme of duels it started in Goblins Vs Gnomes. To the left of the Pirate there’s a woman with pink hair, clearly a reference to the GVG expansion and further evidence that this is an expansion hint. Do you think that this is indeed a teaser? If yes, do you like the theme of Pirates Vs Ninjas, or were you hoping for something else?

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