AppShopper Just Got a Redesign, Here’s Some Sales and Freebies, Including ‘Skullduggery’, ‘Infinity Blade 3’, and ‘Gentlemen…Ricochet!’

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I was just taking a peek over at the new design for our sister site AppShopper, which has a great new responsive design that works across a number of screen sizes and resolutions. It’s great, check it out. But while exploring it, I saw a few great sales and freebies from recent days, and felt like pointing out a few. Skullduggery ($2.99) is available for 40% off after its first big update, Game Bakers’ Squids ($3.99) games are free, both Gentlemen…Ricochet! ($0.99) games can be had for free, Infinity Blade 3 ($6.99) is on a deep discount, and more. Here’s a bunch of the discounts worth nabbing:

  • Skullduggery!

    Headshots! Paperwork! Semi-Organic Autonomous Skulls collecting taxes from the Deadbeats of the Afterlife! Official Sele…
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