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tinyBuild’s Bizarre RPG ‘Fearless Fantasy’ Coming May 14th, New Trailer Released

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Just about a year ago, tinyBuild released their turn-based RPG Fearless Fantasy on Steam. It featured some of the most bizarre visuals I’ve seen in a game, and overall it’s been positively received by those who have played it. A version has been planned for mobile for quite some time, and tinyBuild even ran an open beta testing phase on our forums starting back in February. The beta went smoothly, the game was all ready to be released… but tinyBuild wasn’t feeling it. They weren’t entirely happy with the final product, so they went back and tightened up some things as well as completely redid much of the art for the game. No small task, and it pushed the game’s mobile release back a couple of months, but finally the version of Fearless Fantasy that tinyBuild has envisioned for mobile is finally ready and releasing on May 14th. Here’s a brand new trailer.

Everything about Fearless Fantasy looks crazy and awesome, and I’m really excited to check it out for myself. Besides the various trailers and screenshots tinyBuild has released over the past several months, it’s really been the beta testers’ positive impressions of the game in our forums that have me really excited to play. May 14th is just a week away so mark your calendars for Fearless Fantasy, which is launching as a premium game.

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