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‘Blitz Breaker’ Has a Playable Demo You Need to Try

Boncho Games announced their swipe-based platformer Blitz Breaker earlier this year. The game looked quite intriguing, but it seemed like with a 4th quarter of 2015 release date, that we wouldn’t get to try it out for a while. But hey, conservative release date estmations hopefully mean no worries about delays. Well, the good news is that it is possible to play Blitz Breaker right now, as Boncho has posted a playable demo version of the game on the web. It’s playable on the web with a keyboard, as well as in Mobile Safari, though going fullscreen doesn’t necessarily work. Still, it’s quite playable.

I have to say, this is quite reassuring with the game. I wasn’t worried, but it’s always great to play a game that looks interesting to see how it actually is. And Blitz Breaker feels like it’s potentially living up to its promise after playing this demo. There’s potentially a lot of fun here, and the demo has a solid amount of content. Keep an eye on the forum thread for Blitz Breaker, it could prove to be a fantastic game when it’s finished.