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Swipe-Based Twitchy Platformer ‘Blitz Breaker’ Announced

Blitz Breaker‘s looking like a pretty neat game. It’s a touch-based platformer where you tap to jump and then can swipe around in mid-air around different obstacles. It sounds not unlike Duke Dashington ($0.99) from last year, but with perhaps a looser feel to the game, and multi-screen stages that you have to defeat in a certain time limit. The alpha video shows off some of what to expect from the game:

The game promises 80 levels with 4 different bosses, and even secret warp zones to discover. Difficult, twitch-based challenges are expected to be in tow as well. The game’s actually expected to release way later this year, as the developer is targeting the 4th quarter of this year. In a world of over-optimistic release dates, I can respect that. The developer has posted about the game on our forums and mentions an alpha build for PC will be coming later this month if you’re curious to check it out as it’s being made.