‘Mr Jump’ Gets 12 New Levels and a Jetpack in ‘World B’ Update

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Mr Jump (Free) became a particularly popular platformer upon its release, and not just because Apple featured it as Editor’s Choice (though I’m sure it didn’t hurt). As oulined in our review, it’s a game that does a lot right and introduces a lot of clever elements into what could be another Impossible Game ($0.99) or Geometry Dash ($1.99) style of difficult auto-running platformer. Well, the game has just gotten its first update, adding in 12 new levels to play in the new World B. These add in a number of new elements to play with, like jetpacks. The new trailer shows off some of the new content:

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a Mr Jump master to play these new levels – once you beat the first two levels of World A, the original levels that came with the game, World B unlocks. So what’s nice is that if you’re stuck on World A somewhere, you can go to World B and get frustrated there! Freedom of choice is beautiful.

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