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Miniclip’s ‘Beast Quest’ Hunts Worldwide in May

Miniclip’s working on its game Beast Quest at the moment, a sort of Infinity Blade ($5.99) take on the Beast Quest book series. Folks have been playing it in soft launch the last few weeks, both Canadians and those adding “eh" after everything they say to seem Canadian and play these games early. Well, the good news is that you non-Canadians can enjoy the game for yourself starting on May 7th, when Beast Quest launches worldwide for free. Check out a new “let’s play" video of the second world of the game, straight from Miniclip themselves:

This one should prove to be interesting, because one-on-one combat with RPG elements, set against the world of an established fantasy series sounds like a combination that could work. And the whole Infinity Blade-like genre was built on free-to-play-esque monetization from day one, and we’ve seen free games that actually simplify what Epic and Chair have done, like Stormblades (Free). I’m curious to see just how Miniclip’s take on the genre pans out. Check out the soft-launch forum thread for more on Beast Quest.