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Goofily Piledrive Dudes in ‘Wrassling,’ Coming to the App Store Next Week

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Earlier this month, we told you about Wrassling, an upcoming game by Colin Lane (Golf is Hard (Free)) and Folmer Kelly (Irrupt ($1.99), #SUPERHYPER ($1.99), Upthing (Free)). Eli, Jared, and Carter like it because wrestling is, like, their thing; I like it because physics curios and banging chiptunes are two of my things.

In a post on our forums, Lane announced that Wrassling will enter the ring next week, on the 23rd. He also revealed that the game will be free, with an in-app purchase (“less than a cup of coffee") to remove the ads.

Lane also provided us with the world’s best app description:

Wrassling is a crazy physics based Wrassling game where you must wrassle as many other wrasslers out of the ring as possible. A lot like a royal rumble, but endless. There are big boss wrasslers and some crazy stuff going on with the ring, ropes dropping and ring tilting. There are also some nice hats to wear for like 3 seconds before some meanie knocks it of your head.


As you progress further into Wrassling‘s madcap free-for-all, the game will start to give you objectives, to be completed with or without the hats. Lane says that a suite of daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards will also be included.

Lane and Kelly are answering questions for the rest of the day, so feel free to pop in and ask them why Nature Boy Ric Flair isn’t Wrassling‘s main character.

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