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Little White Bear’s ‘ZenDots’ Blends Pinball and Brick Breaking, Launches this Thursday for Free

Little White Bear Studios knows a thing or two about zen. Heck, half their library of games have zen in their title. Games like TanZen, Zentomino and TriZen offer zen-like tangram puzzles to give your brain a nice, relaxed workout. But now they’re hoping that you’ll zen out to something a bit more frantic with their latest game ZenDots. It’s basically a mashup of pinball and brick-breaking. You have flippers on either side of the screen which you can use to bat balls up and into a collection of more balls at the top of the screen, which then fall down and can be swatted around as well.

ZenDots looks like a neat concept, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before. It does give me a bit of a Pinball Destruction vibe, a game which I adored several years ago but sadly hasn’t been updated since getting Universal iPad support in 2011. Basically, I need more wacky takes on pinball in my life, so I’m looking forward to checking out ZenDots when it arrives for free this Thursday.