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‘Guitar Hero Live’ Brings Plastic Guitars to Mobile at Last

The age of plastic instruments is once again on us, my friends. Activision has just announced that Guitar Hero Live is coming out later this year, and it’s coming to mobile as well as the new consoles. Not “coming to mobile" as in “here’s a stripped down version," but, “you can play the game with an actual guitar controller on mobile." The big changes are that the game uses a six-button controller, instead designed with two sets of three buttons on top of each other, so it’s about shifting up and down the fret board rather than sliding across it. Additionally, the game is designed to take place in first person, where you’re seeing the crowd react to how you play. At least this is the case from the console versions.

Similar to how Skylanders Trap Team (Free) came in a full-fledged mobile version, a mobile version of Guitar Hero Live will be available with the guitar. This sounds really cool: now will the upcoming Rock Band reboot do something similar? I don’t have enough plastic instruments. I’ve still got a guitar and the keyboard from Rock Band 3, an extra guitar and drum set in storage somewhere in Texas, and am ready to welcome more silly plastic instruments for rocking out into my life. And if I can do it without suffering the indignity of playing on a console, well, bring it on!