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‘Garfield: Survival of the Fattest’ is the Garfield Simulation Game You Always Wanted

There are some games which represent the pinnacle of artistic creativity, combining aesthetic beauty with the power of interactivity to create experiences that emotionally resonate with a person in a way that music or movies just cannot do. Anyway, Pixowl just soft-launched Garfield: Survival of the Fattest, where someone thought, let’s lather on a spoonful of relevant cultural institution Garfield onto layers of Farmville. It’s a natural fit: when reading Garfield comics, I desire to create a food camp empire with optional in-app purchases to enhance my progress. I really think that fits in with the ethos of the series, a perfect melted finish for this savory dish.

You’ll be assembling the ingredients for a perfect wilderness food camp, with over 30 food items, over a dozen characters, and hundreds of quests. But all those seasonings shouldn’t overtake the flavor of this hot Garfield free-to-play simulation dish. This one’s still cooking in the oven, as it’s out now in Canada, and a few other countries. But it’s smelling just about ready, as as I hear this one should be ready to come out of the pan and release worldwide soon, just hopefully not on a Monday. I believe that Garfield is not a fan of Mondays. But he should be a fan of what Jim Davis says is “the most vast, wonderfully casual, immersive experience players will ever encounter in a Garfield game to date."