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Gamevil’s Dot-Linking RPG ‘Dungeon Link’ Releases Worldwide This Month

Gamevil’s just announced that they’re publishing another new title along with the recently-announced Dragon Blaze. Dungeon Link, a game that has been in the works for a while – I saw it at GDC 2014 – is finally making its way out worldwide on April 21st. This game combines connect-the-dots puzzle games with RPG battling. You have four heroes on one board, and can draw lines connecting them from their starting point to the goal spot, with the line being drawn showing the path that will do damage to enemies. There are bonuses for filling up the board and for linking multiple colors together. Essentially, the plan is to make the best matches possible, dealing with the various scenarios that pop up in puzzle games, but with enemies to fight, and heroes to collect and level up.

The game is scheudled to come out on iOS and Android worldwide on April 21st, but if you have an Android device and live in Canada or one of the other countries listed in the forum thread, you can play the game right now. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the 21st.