New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: ‘Tiltagon’, ‘SBACEBALL’, ‘Football Manager’, and Maybe Even a Surprise ‘Hearthstone’ iPhone Update?

This is a bit of a weird iOS release week (Aren’t they all?) because what’s likely to be the biggest release of the week, Mortal Kombat X (Free) is already available. In fact, it’s been out so long we’ve already got a review of it. Additionally, if our speculation was correct, Hearthstone (Free) should be getting a update to support the iPhone any time now. But, anyway, there’s a bunch of other games coming tonight too.

Here’s games which had threads on out forums at the time this article was posted:

As always, expect a few more releases to pop up throughout the day. The trend in the past few weeks has been a few games pop up early morning, some drizzle out throughout the day, and others just straight up pop up in the evening. So, if you’re going to get all wound up about what a weak week it is, I’d at least wait until our full roundup at 11:00 PM Eastern