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‘Boost 2’ Developer Announces New Endless Runner ‘Kayos’

Jonathan Lanis, the developer of Boost 2 ($1.99) which we loved back in 2009 as Boost 3D and then later as Boost 2 when it got updated, is working on a brand new game called Kayos. It’s looking like a gorgeous and intense runner game, where you’re flying a ship through a series of gemoetric formations, complete with rapidly moving cubes and prisms getting in your way. It’s looking pretty similar to the PC/console game Race the Sun, and I’ll be interested to see where the differences lie between the two games.

The game is scheduled to come out soon, Lanis knows how to make a speedy game, and he’s promising to ratchet things up from even what Boost 2 did in terms of speed. I’m looking forward to dying instantly again and again while playing Kayos. Check out the forum thread for the game as well.