Best ‘Hearthstone’ Hacks and Cheats – How To Get an Edge Over the Competition

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Since the release of Blackrock Mountain, I’ve been getting back in and scouring the net looking for hacks, cheats, tips and really anything I can dig up to help my Hearthstone (Free) game. I’ve got some good ones here that really have added another layer of preparedness and success. When you account for the randomness inherent in the game, an advantage can be found in the strangest of places, but I have been there and back. If you want to bring your game to the next level, venture forward dear readers.

1. Use the Hover Indicator to your Advantage

If you pay attention during an opponent’s turn, you can see that there is a graphical indicator whenever a card or skill is being viewed. One of the best times to convince your opponent you are mulling over a touch decision is when you have no options. If you ended up with a horrible draw and are staring at 8 mana cost giants in round 2, consider tapping one and viewing it for about 5 seconds. It might sound a little silly, but your opponent now thinks you have mutliple options ready to be deployed and might not realize he can take advantage of a bad draw.

2. Pick your Opponent

When do you usually play Hearthstone? Usually I play when I am at home and have free time when my kids are in bed. So as an adult male with a family, you can probably find a game with me after 8pm eastern time. If I wanted a better chance at playing against someone less experienced, I will have a much higher chance if I choose to play in the late afternoon when my kids are still awake. Hearthstone is region specific, so most of the time your can apply this type of logic to your own time zone. This will take a little bit of assumption, but the type of opponent you are going to face off against is in part determined by the time of day you play.

3. The Single Player Expansions

Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain were designed as single player encounters, but they both have a huge impact on the multiplayer side of the game. With useful legendary cards that some have calculated to be worth more than the entire cost of each expansion, you can take a shortcut in building powerful decks by purchasing and unlocking each of these solo adventures and the amazing legendary cards contained within.

4. Hone your Weapon

I had a great time looking up ways to keep your brain in tip top shape. Now, I am not going to say that an article like this one is just junk science, because if you do this stuff you probably WILL help yourself out a bit and you might even gain a little more brain power to chug throw some tough games of Hearthstone. What I am going to say is that just reading this stuff out of context of an entire healthy lifestyle narrative is pretty funny.

I kid you not, these are some of the general suggestions they have, the more ridiculous sounding ones are endorsed by physicians:

  • Eat Brain Food
  • If You Dont Use It, You’ll Lose It
  • Rock Out to Some Easy Listening
  • Get Ripped
  • Read a Book

5. Don’t tap those download links for Hacks and Cheats videos on Youtube.

This should be a common sense one and it sounds a little tongue in cheek, but it is very important for any game you play that you have a seriously healthy computing platform to play from. Whether you are on an iPad or on a desktop or laptop, any type of risky click has the potential to slow down or even crash your system with adware, spyware, and viruses that can passively enter your system when you don’t trust the source of the download. For many years I have seen first hand how malware can affect computer systems and whether you lag out or the client completely dies, risky clicks are rarely worth the trouble.

If all else fails, remember its important to not only learn from your mistakes, but to commemorate them. So pop a 40 and pour one out for all the close calls, the OTK’s and the face rolls that didn’t go your way:

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