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Promising Local Multiplayer Game ‘Dual’ Releases This Week

Chicago developer Sebastian Gosztyla has been making a really cool local-multiplayer game called Dual, and he’s finally releasing it onto the world this week. You and another person play each other head-to-head with your devices in close proximity. The main Duel mode has you trying to take each other out, with the catch being that the other player only exists on their own screen, so you’re looking at their screen and trying to take them out, tilting to move, and tapping to fire, with the ability to charge up shots. Defend mode has you and the other player working together, trying to protect the middle section between your two devices from invaders, with the ability to swipe to change direction at enemies coming from your body to the middle. The game is a universal app, and will adapt the size of the playing field to try and account for the myriad screen sizes.

There’s a really cool twist to the game: each device has a hardcoded series of unique colors, and to unlock other ones, you have to play against other ones. Dual will be free to download, with a $1.99 unlock to get all the playable ships, and to unlock Defend mode. The game will be available this Thursday, April 2nd.