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‘Driver Speedboat Paradise’ Releases Worldwide This April

Driver Speedboat Paradise will launch worldwide this April after having previously soft launched in New Zealand this past December, Ubisoft announced. The free-to-play speedboat racer replaces the open-world car-based gameplay from Driver entries of yore with water-based arcade racing featuring “true-to-life water and dynamic wave system.”

The game features a single-player campaign where an up-and-coming speedboat driver aims to take down the mafia — via races, time trials, etc. against them — after being persuaded by series protagonist and undercover officer John Tanner. The usual lot of vehicle upgrades will appear, as well as paint and decal customization.

Ubisoft is touting Driver Speedboat Paradise’s emphasis on waves, stating they will change in “height, power and frequency in real time.” How these waves will factor into the overall gameplay remains to be seen, but be sure to hop in our forums for some early gameplay videos and discussion.